Marine Towing & Fleeting Safety

Best-in-Class Safety Management System

At Harbor Towing & Fleeting, we understand the vital importance of safety – which is why we have developed a best-in-class Safety Management System. Safety is an integral part of our company culture as well as our industry’s culture. As such, we engage best-in-class safety and regulatory consultants and utilize first-rate safety training materials and safety classes including Seamen’s Church Institute, Safe Mariner, Maritime Compliance International, and other industry-leading consultants.

life buoy overlooking harbor

Employee Safety

Workers on Tugboat Job

At Harbor Towing & Fleeting we employ:

  • A Best-In-Class SMS

  • Industry Leading PPE

  • Commitment to Goal Zero

At both Harbor Towing & Fleeting and Star Fleet, we are truly committed to leading the way in tugboat company safety by protecting our employees, clients and the environment through safe practices on every job we undertake. Contact us for more information on our safety protocols.