Inland Marine Towing Services
New Orleans, Louisiana

Quality Services Focused on Safety & Efficiency

Whether our mariners are tripping barges through the locks in the Port of New Orleans, shifting barges from one dock to another or conducting stand-by work at a nearby refinery, they accomplish these operations with boats that are kept in first-class condition and outfitted with the latest equipment and technology.

Our Fleet

Harbor Towing & Fleeting manages four tugboats:

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Each vessel is operated by seasoned, professional mariners. Many of whom are dedicated, long-term employees.

Our mariners have a tremendous amount of knowledge about the areas we navigate. Both our company and our employees have exceptional safety records and are focused on taking the time and effort to do the job right.

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Silver Fox Tugboat

M/V Silver Fox

Length – 65.8 ft
Breadth – 26 ft
Power – 1440 hp
Fuel – 18000 gal.
Potable Water – 6000 gal.
Year Built – 1975
Assigned Crew – 6

Pamela Ann Tugboat

M/V Pamela Ann

Length – 64.5 ft
Breadth – 31.9 ft
Power – 1350 hp
Fuel – 20000 gal.
Potable Water – 20000 gal.
Year Built – 1961
Assigned Crew – 6

Wendy C Tugboat

M/V Wendy C

Length – 61.8 ft
Breadth – 24.1 ft
Power – 1000 hp
Fuel – 10000 gal.
Potable Water – 3000 gal.
Year Built – 1977
Assigned Crew – 6

Todd G Tugboat

M/V Todd G

Length – 55 ft
Breadth – 24.1 ft
Power – 800 hp
Fuel – 8000 gal.
Potable Water – 3000 gal.
Year Built – 1981
Assigned Crew – 4

towboats and barges on New Orleans river

Commitment to Safety

We understand that safety is of paramount importance in our industry – and it shows in the results we bring to our customers every day. As one of the premier tugboat companies in Louisiana, we are dedicated to providing your company with everything needed to get the job done safely and correctly every time.

Read about our safety procedures surrounding COVID-19.