Star Fleet:
New Orleans’ Leading Barge Fleeting Facility

Fleeting & Shifting

Harbor Towing & Fleeting is proud to operate Star Fleet – one of the most respected and successful inland barge fleets in the region. We specialize in fleeting petrochemical barges, but have the capability to handle dry cargo and heavy equipment.

Located at LMR MM91 AHP RDB, our fleet is conveniently located between Algiers Lock and Industrial Lock and encompasses 4000 linear feet. With 23 monopile mooring dolphins featuring our own robust mooring lines we can fleet 30-35 tank barges while leaving plenty of space for customer boats.

Our mooring dolphins are over engineered to provide safe mooring for loaded barges while withstanding the force of the river whether in high or low water conditions.

Our Services

  • Barge Fleeting – Star Fleet is located near Algiers Lock, Industrial Lock, and Harvey Lock and has the capacity to fleet 30-35 tank barges.

  • Shifting – We operate 4 towing vessels that are each maintained beyond regulatory and industry standards with crews experienced with operating in the Port of New Orleans and beyond.

  • Facilitation of Crew Changes – Our facility provides a convenient, safe, and clean location for crew changes. Customers also have access to receive stores and access to mechanics & other vendors.

  • Potable Water – Our customers have access to clean, potable water from the City of New Orleans.

  • Trash Disposal – Non-hazardous waste

marine worker with life vest

Safety Standards

As with all of the services offered by Harbor Towing & Fleeting, our Star Fleet facilities are focused on upholding the highest standards of safety at all times.